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We offer products built to satisfy your production needs, engineered to provide results.



IMS designs and manufactures custom wire rope hoists for the overhead material handling industry. Whether you need a 30-ton scrap handling crane for a steel mill, a 10-ton critical lift hoist for the aerospace industry, a 300-ton hoist for turbine manufacturing, or even a 50-ton underhung for a stop-log application; IMS can provide the engineering expertise and manufacturing excellence to design and build a product to meet your specific application needs. We have a vast amount of application experience in a broad range of industries.

End Trucks

IMS can provide either catalog type end trucks for your bridge crane or a set of custom end trucks for a particular application. Our catalog top running end truck line ranges from 8” diameter through 21” diameter. Our custom end truck capabilities are limitless, whether it be a 24” bogie set with 90 degree MCB capsules or a 6” custom underhung set for a spark resistant application. Our experience in the design and manufacture of end trucks for the material handling industry is quite extensive.

Gearing and Gearboxes

IMS has both the manufacturing capabilities and the engineering expertise to design and build custom gearing and gearboxes. We can hob both helical and spur gears up to 72” in diameter and have an M&M inspection machine that will verify all gear geometry meets AGMA requirements. IMS engineering is active on AGMA technical committees and has many years of experience in the design, evaluation, and reverse engineering of all types of gearing. IMS has designed and manufactured custom replacement helical reducers for steel mill service, large wormgear reducers for hydro-electric applications, travel drive reducers for the nuclear industry, and many other unique and challenging projects.


IMS has the manufacturing and design capabilities to deliver custom loadblocks suited for the most challenging applications. We have developed loadblocks for hot metal applications, fully submersible loadblocks, loadblocks for hydro applications, spark resistant loadblocks, and many other unique application designs. In addition, IMS can provide power rotating loadblocks and blocks reeved into special spreader beams and other custom lifting equipment. IMS can also re-condition loadblocks with new bearings, sheaves, hooks, and other components as required.

Below-The-Hook Devices

IMS can either re-furbish or design and manufacture new below-the-hook devices for almost any application and capacity. We have experience in development of spreader beams, lifting beams, ladle hooks and blocks, and many other custom below-the-hook devices. IMS can also design electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic actuation mechanisms into the below-the-hook device.

Custom Equipment

With a large number of design engineers on staff, IMS has the capacity to develop and manufacture custom equipment to support all types of heavy industrial processes. We have designed a wide array of custom equipment that support the oil field frac pump manufacturing process, the production of heavy-duty class trucks, the manufacture of diapers, and many other interesting industry processes.

Engineering Services

IMS has a dedicated staff of Professional Engineers whose purpose is to provide engineering services to the overhead crane industry as well as other structural and mechanical industries as appropriate. The engineering services staff has a great deal of experience in crane up-rate studies, crane tracking evaluations, failure analysis, runway surveys, crane and runway design, and custom structural and mechanical design services.

Manufacturing Services

IMS has a large machining and fabrication capability and provide contract manufacturing services to support customer’s needs. We have a very fast response time and can support crane service groups with the manufacture and rebuild of wheels, axles, sheaves, pins, and all other types of crane related components. In addition, we can support other industries manufacturing needs with our large machining capacity which includes:

  • Manual turning capacity up to 60” diameter by 40-foot-long at 100,000 lb weight limit
  • Horizontal milling of 20 feet by 10 feet at 250,000 lb weight limit
  • CNC turning capacity up to 36” diameter by 10-foot long
  • Welding and fabrication capabilities supported by two 30 ton cranes
  • Helical and spur gear hobbing up to 72” in diameter


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