IMS designs and manufactures custom wire rope hoists for the overhead material handling industry. Whether you need a 30-ton scrap handling crane for a steel mill, a 10-ton critical lift hoist for the aerospace industry, a 300-ton hoist for turbine manufacturing, or even a 50 ton underhung for a stop-log application; IMS can provide the engineering expertise and manufacturing excellence to design and build a product to meet your specific application needs. We have a vast amount of application experience in a broad range of industries.

Standard Hoist Typical Design Features

  • Built to CMAA Class D
  • Fabricated steel structure with lifting lugs and OSHA compliant tie-off points
  • Alignment free pillowblock with encapsulated double-row spherical roller bearings
  • Steel fabricated drum with 3/8 or 1/2 depth grooving and a 3 degree maximum fleet angle
  • Hoist reducer has a horizontal split steel fabricated housing with encapsulated bearings and taconite seals
  • A/C thruster type Industrial hoist brakes with hand releases and a ductile iron brake wheel
  • Hoist motors are NEMA frame, foot mounted, 60 minute duty, class H insulated, TENV and come equipped with Klixon thermostats
  • Trolley wheels are flame hardened to 400 BHN, have straight treads, double flanges, modified MCB style, with are keyed and press fit drive wheels
  • Sheaves are designed with two tapered roller bearings per sheave contained between spacers and held in place with AN locknuts, each with individual grease ports
  • Idler sheaves are equipped with a bronze bushing and are grooved for re-greasing
  • Trolley travel drives are helical shaft mounted reducers
  • Hoist is equipped with a primary geared upper limit switch and a secondary weighted limit switch
  • Additional options are available which include (but are not limited to) sealed sheave, pillowblock, and wheel bearings; eddy current hoist brakes; caliper drum brakes; mill and chemical duty motors; additional tie off points; 60 Rc case hardened wheels; synthetic lubrication; and overload limit devices

Custom Hoists Design Capabilities

We build to your specific application needs. Hoist service classes CMAA class A-F and AIST 6 available and applications that range from

  • Automation
  • Bucket hoists
  • Ladle and charging hoists
  • Explosion proof hoists
  • Magnet service
  • Wet and dry end paper-mill service
  • Turbine handling
  • Critical lifts
  • Die flipping
  • Coil handling
  • Stackers

We have engineered solutions for your material handling needs

  • Sealed pillowblock bearing
  • Heat treated drum, flame or carburized
  • Rope anti-spooling bar
  • Explosion resistant, mill and chemical, wound rotor, and corrosive environment motors
  • Hoist reducer heaters
  • Pin, cable and horseshoe type load sensing devices
  • High heat and sub zero ambient environments
  • Mill duty, magnet and bucket, concrete stripping, coil handling, flipping, and several other application considerations
  • Redundant reeving
  • Full heat shields and/or drip pans
  • Anti-rotational wire rope for long lift applications
  • DC shunt hoist brakes
  • Hydraulic bumpers
  • Sealed wheel and sheave bearings
  • Many more options available, consult factory

Boss Hoist

The Boss is a new, low headroom catalog hoist being introduced by Integrated Machinery Solutions to meet the demanding performance requirements of American industry. It has been designed to include many of the features that make IMS hoists stand above the competition. Below is a list of the general features of The Boss:

  • Capacity from 5 ton through 35 ton
  • Meets the critical performance requirements of CMAA Class D service
  • Hoist motor power from 15 through 60 horsepower
  • Gage from 6 foot through 10 foot in any increment desired
  • Low headroom at 21 ½” from rail to top of hoist
  • 80 or 120 fpm travel drive speeds
  • 10” diameter heat treated wheels