IMS Standard Gearbox Typical Design Features

  • Designed in accordance with CMAA 70

  • Parallel shaft reducer designed specifically for use in hoist and crane applications

  • Housing is horizontally split, steel fabricated, stress-relieved, machined, foot mounted with over‐sized inspection covers

  • Shafting is through hardened alloy steel

  • All helical gearing using normal diametral pitch sizes, full fillet tooth roots, 25 degree pressure angle, made from through hardened alloy steel

  • Self-aligning, double-row spherical roller bearings

  • Ductile iron bearing capsules that encapsulate the bearing

  • Taconite style seals (double seals) on input and output running against a carburized and ground seal sleeve

  • Standard lubrication is ISO VG320, special performance lubrication is synthetic

  • All IMS reducers come equipped with site glasses, drain valves, and breathers

Rebuild and Redesign Capabilities

  • In house engineering with many years of gear design experience

  • Active members of the American Gear Manufacturer’s Association (AGMA), including involvement with various AGMA technical committees

  • Services available include gearing related failure analysis, inspection, capacity evaluations, and upgrade studies

  • Experience with helical, spur, worm, bevel gearing, housing and shaft design, bearing selection

  • Old gearboxes can be rebuilt to match the existing design using a combination of existing components and new components

  • Old gearboxes can be rebuilt/redesigned using an existing housing and replacing all old gearing with newly designed and upgraded gearing, shafting, and bearings

  • Old gearboxes can be completely replaced with a drop-in unit that typically includes a newly designed set of gears, shafts, and bearings that improves the gearboxes overall capacity

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